Visiting rules

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Dear visitors of the Safari Zoo! We ask you to follow the rules of behavior at the Zoo, as well as pay attention to the information given on the cages.

At the Zoo prohibited:

  • Feed the animals brought with them foods. Each animal in the Zoo has its own individual diet specially designed by experts, which includes everything you need. Other food (including unnatural or contain harmful chemical additives for the animal) and feeding above the norm, can cause illness or death of the animal.

  • Come with your pets. To avoid infection animals is strictly forbidden to come or bring into the territory of the Zoo of their pets.

  • Climb over the fence and fences to enter the cages and reach into the cell, making noise and tease animals. It's dangerous! Besides the noise and stress are bad for their health and animal behavior.

  • Debris, breaking trees and tsvety.Budte please careful! Respect the work of people who take care of the zoo that you have been here comfortable and pleasant.

  • Drink alcohol and get intoxicated.

  • Leaving children unattended.

  • To enter the premises or into the construction of new aviary. Administration Zoo is not responsible for your personal belongings. Therefore, please be careful!