Today at the Zoo

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What's on at Safari Zoo

Zoo - it's a small world in which the reign of its own rules and laws. Life here is an unusual, interesting and surprising, to confirm the words of this most diverse and memorable moments in the life of our Safari - the world, it is the birth of babies, new pet, a visit to the zoo famous people and many other things that can not leave anyone indifferent. Informed about such important events in the news and online social networks, we'd like to share this joy with you dear friends!

Each of us in childhood and in adulthood, coming to the zoo really want to see each pet in full: full-length, full-length, consider the color, watch how he moves - in a word to see it "in all its glory." But often when we arrive - they rest, and the animals they are also very intelligent creatures that like people to relax looking for a quiet, secluded place away from the prying eyes Most of the animals in nature and in the zoo are more active in the early morning and close to! evening. and we also want to see them so completely, not partially, for example, only the tail or ear.

So how do you all - still, catch them awake? Of course, while feeding! For the sake of your favorite goodies - they are ready to "postpone" all affairs! Most often, the diet of most animals consists of two meals a day, which is specifically offset, so that they are active during the day, and thus our guests a unique opportunity to contemplate their nimble and agile.

To familiarize with the time such feeding is possible on Animals page. You can also right here, in the left column, choose the time and instantly see the animals that we feed at this time.

Come see for yourself!