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All your Questions answered in one place

We have gathered here for the answers to the questions we often ask. They are constantly supplemented. Perhaps the answer to your question can be found here. If not, ask us to page Contact Us filling out the simple form.


Q. At what time of day I see more animals?

There is a particular time when most of the animals are in sight. Although many of our animals "early birds" and can be a bit more active in the…

Q. What is the smoking policy in the zoo?

Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the zoo. Guests who want to smoke must leave the territory. We supply you with the mark of the ticket for…

Q. There is a place on the territory of the zoo, where you can buy souvenirs, a snack?

Yes, at the zoo, at the entrance there is a special place where you can buy souvenirs, eat, make a memorable photo, read a map, outline a plan walks.

Q. Why do not all the pens you can see animals?

One of the tasks of the zoo is a concern for the welfare of animals kept in it. It includes not only the creation of comfortable conditions for each…

Q. Can you give an animal in a zoo?

No, the zoo does not accept stray animals and animals, whose owners, for whatever reason, can no longer keep them for yourself. Exceptions are…

Q. Is it possible to get a job at the zoo?

Yes. From time to time we have a need to hire to perform various functions to serve our troubled economy. To always be aware, you can subscribe to our…

Q. Is there a zoo to park the car?

Yes, next to the zoo is equipped with a parking space. You can park your car or bicycle on a walk through the Zoo.

Q. Is there luggage storage at the Safari Zoo?

Unfortunately, we do not have a special room for luggage storage.

Q. Can I put the photos taken at the zoo on your own web page or social networks (Facebook, Instagram)?

You can do it for personal purposes. For commercial purposes, we ask you to contact us directly by e-mail info@azovzoo.com or+380 (67) 595 1600.We…

Q. Can I bring to the zoo my pet, cat, for example, or a dog?

No. Take pets to the zoo is strictly prohibited.

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