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White peacock

Description: White peacocks are closest kinship by Indian Peacock with a slight difference due to the presence of a recessive gene giving white feathers and blue eyes. In this variation of color they were found in the natural environment even in 1823 GV in India and since then they are specially bred as an ornamental bird.

Food: Peacock can eat almost everything that is available to him regardless of the climate and conditions. This may be the food of both vegetable and animal, insects, slugs and even small mammals.

Habitat: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Peacock prefers to nest in a wooded area and near the cultural sites and near rivers.

Interesting fact: The crossing of the white peacocks with conventional peacocks gives offspring 50/50, but most often in color on the wings have white specks. Therefore, in order to get the absolute blond male and female must be white. Gender newborn babies can be determined immediately by leg length. Generally, males are longer.

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:30, 16:30