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Description: African ostrich - largest in the world, ratites, deprived of the possibility to fly like other members of this class. Instead of wings nature endowed them with long strong legs that allow you to run at a speed of 70 km / h. The body of an ostrich dense and neck as well as a long and strong legs. Weight of an adult ostrich somewhere 120 kg, hatched from eggs of ostriches, can weigh more than 1 kg. The average life expectancy of an ostrich about like a man (75 years).

Food: The rising ostrich chick eats food of animal origin, as well as insects. An adult ostrich can eat seeds, fruits and twigs of trees.

Habitat: Ostriches live in arid, treeless regions of the Middle East and North Africa.

Interesting fact: Ostriches live in flocks, where one male is surrounded by several females. In the breeding season the male digs a large hole specifically for the eggs, which in turn puts each female. Then the father of the future of the family acts as a hen egg vysizhivaya friends. After 45 days in the light of ostriches hatch, they immediately run, and well see on the second day after birth and his father go to look for food. Curiously, the ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. If the ostrich senses danger, he can pretend to be dead, while frozen in place.

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:00, 16:00