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Mute swan

Description: Mute Swan has an elongated body in the region of one and a half meters long and very long neck resembles the Latin letter S. Beak his red and black characteristic build-up. His name was published for the hissing sound during stimulation. The average weight of 5 to 13 kg. Wingspan about 240 cm. The average life expectancy of 14-20 years in captivity 28 years.

Food: The main food - aquatic vegetation. Shellfish and insects live in the water and around the water. On land may eat grass and cereals.

Habitat: swampy areas, estuaries or lakes with dense vegetation.

Interesting fact:  Mute Swans - monogamous birds enclosing a pair for life. Included in the Red Book of individual European countries. At the end of the last century it has been included in the International Red Book due to downsizing. However, after that date, and swans grow especially in ornamental ponds, parks and zoos, which caused the population growth.

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:30, 16:30