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Здесь подзаголовок

Muscovy duck

Description: Muscovy duck - one of the largest poultry. The color is varied, but mostly dark. Near the eye are fleshy growths characteristic bright red color (musk corals). It is just a great hen and is able to sit even neighborhood (chickens, turkeys) in addition to their eggs.

Food: Vegetarian dishes and small insects.

Habitat: Wild populations of musk ducks in our time are found only in South America.

Interesting fact: Because of fleshy growths red musk duck considered hybrid duck with turkey and called indoutkoy. However, this erroneous assertion, since this species was domesticated by the Aztecs and is still referred to in the American literature dating from 1553 ( "The Chronicles of Peru"). Besides musk ducks bred Indians for their meat and the beautiful feathers, which also served as a fact for the birth of a legend and an alternative name. Musk duck specially bred with Peking duck for the sake of mulard (hybrids).

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:30, 16:30