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Green-winged macaw

Description: The one with the largest representatives of the Psittaciformes. It has a very bright color. The basic color on the chest and neck - red feathers - blue-green. The length of the body can be up to 90 cm and weighs about 1.5 kg. Life expectancy in nature up to 30 years in captivity up to 50 years.

Food: Vegetarian dishes, fruit trees (palm trees). To improve digestion, they use red clay.

Habitat: They live in the tropical forests of palm America. They nest in hollows choosing this old trees. If necessary, use its huge beak, they can increase the nest.

Interesting fact: The red-and-green macaw can fly at a speed of 60 km / h. They can perfectly climb trees. Lovely, friendly birds. Very fond of the attention. Due to this factor macaws often become pets. During the mating period, sometimes aggressive towards others. Very jealous, they do not like competition. 

Feeding time at the zoo: 12:00