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Description: Fenech (Arabic for «fanak» - fox) is a small fox which is characterized by large ears. In size it is smaller than a house cat and weighs only 1.5 kg, with a body length of 30-40 cm. The courtship season at Fenech is in the middle of winter, and after 50-53 days after mating, the female gives birth to 2-4 cubs. After 5 weeks after birth Fenech able to leave the mother's den and wander in search of food. In 3-4 months, they become completely independent in order to leave the family and to live independently. Life expectancy in the wild up to 8 years in captivity up to 20 years.

Food: Fenechs excellent hunters. Their production and the food is rodents, gerbils and hamsters, birds and insects eggs including scorpions, which they take out of the sand. They also eat plants and roots. If Fenech feels that the food is not enough, it starts to lay in store. The need for a liquid is small, water is enough for food and located plants.

Habitat: Fenech lives in the deserts of North Africa. The large population in the central part of the Sahara. Besides Fenech can also be found in the Sinai and the Arabian Peninsula, northern Morocco, Sudan, Nigeria and Chad. Residence Fenech - a hole in the desert where he can dig up many moves and run their nocturnal.

Interesting fact: Sand color  allows Fenech well masked in the wilderness. And unusually long for fox ears (15 cm), in addition to its natural function of the body perform the cooling function in the heat.

Nickname: Fes'ka

Feeding time at the zoo: 12:00, 17:00