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European pond turtle

Description: European pond turtle is one of many species of freshwater turtles. Translated from the Latin name literally means "round." But in fact its carapace is oval, narrowed in front and slightly wider at the rear. Paws are powerful enough with sharp claws, by which the turtle tears food into pieces, before the start of the meal. Length 40 cm with an average weight of 1.5 kg. In nature, the life expectancy of 20 years, turtles, possibly in captivity and 30 years. However, there were cases when such a turtle survived even up to 120 years of age.

Food: For pond turtle are practically no restrictions on food, so she eats all in a row, including mollusks, small birds, fish, algae and insects.

Habitat: Swamp turtle settle on ponds, lakes, tranquil rivers without strong currents and marshes.

Interesting fact: In the Dnepropetrovsk University Museum was an interesting case related to a snail's eggs, which were museum pieces. In 2013, suddenly, quite unexpectedly a few of them hatched marsh turtles. Scientists are still puzzled how this could happen and how the eggs are able to survive for so long. In the Latvian city of Daugavpils there is monument of pond turtle.

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:30, 16:30