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Description: Emu - the largest Australian bird. It is the second largest bird after the ostrich. Earlier emu attributed to ratite (classification revised in 1980). Length emu 150-190 cm, weight 30-55 kg. pen structure prevents overheating, so emu active during the midday heat.In courtship male and female emus are opposite each other, they bow their heads to the ground and begin to swing them over the earth. Then the male leads the female to the nest made by them. Female daily or after a maximum of three days lays one of an average of 11-20 is very large, with thick dark green shell eggs. The shell is about 1 mm. Their weight ranges from 700 to 900 grams, which is approximately equal to 10-12 chicken eggs in volume and weight. Jack emu - pit, lined with grass, leaves, bark, branches.  In one nest laying eggs several females, and then laying a total of 15-25 numbers of eggs. Incubation is engaged only in the male. Incubation lasts about two months, during which the male is very small and rarely eats. In the process of hatching eggs from the dark green becoming black and purple. Hatched chicks weighing 0.5 kg and the growth of 12 cm. Hatchling may be active for a few days to leave the nest. They have distinctive brown and cream stripes for camouflage, which fade after three months. Chicks grow very quickly. 5-6-month-old chicks may remain with his family for another 5-6 months. In the wild, emus can live 10 to 20 years.

Food: They feed emus fruits, roots, grasses and other plant food. Mainly feed in the early morning. Often visited by grain crops. Furthermore, they feed on insects. Emu drink once a day or in the night.

Habitat: Emu extended to most of mainland Australia.

Interesting fact: Emu is able to run at a speed of 50 km / h. Their long legs allow you to do the steps up to 275 cm. They can tolerate a wide range of temperatures: -5 to 45 degrees. During incubation guarding their young male becomes very aggressive, and if it is disturbed, a kick can break a bone man.

Feeding time at the zoo: 08:00, 17:00