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Description: The cheetah is one of the members of the genus Panther, which also rank as tigers, lions and leopards. adult body can reach 140 m. in length with a weight of 40-65 kg. An average height of 80 cm. Lifespan naturally within 20 years, live in zoos 30 or more.

Food: Cheetahs - predators, so eating meat production caught them (deer, gazelles, hares, ostriches). In order to catch larger prey Cheetahs go hunting two or three. As a rule, the time for hunting is selected in the early evening hours, or when it is not very hot.

Habitat: The cheetah lives on the African continent and in the Middle East.

Interesting fact: The cheetah is the fastest animal in the world that is capable of 3 seconds to accelerate to 112 km / h. Cheetah will bring in the Red Book of the sharp decline in the population as a result of hunting for them (for beautiful skin). In Africa, there are about 25 thousand. Cheetah specimens. Newborn baby cheetah look quite unusual and quite similar to their adult parents. Their skin has a blue tint, short and very fluffy fleece (on the back) and it is not specific to the cheetah spots. The cheetah has a special form of communication with relatives / calves, which resembles the sound of lingering bird tweeting. Hear each other cheetahs can within a radius of 2 km.

Feeding time at the zoo: 16:00