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Black Shoulder Peacock

Description: Black Shoulder Peacock is a subspecies of the common peacock. As well as in the common peacock, his head, chest and neck feathers are blue and green back. However, the lower body and the "shoulders" of his black color. The female is smaller, its color is not so bright and feathers lighter.

Food: Peacock eats almost everything that is available to him regardless of the climate and conditions. This may be the food of both vegetable and animal origin, as well as insects, slugs and even small mammals.

Habitat: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Peacock prefers to nest in a wooded area and near the cultural sites and near rivers.

Interesting fact: Before the 2 nd half of the XIX century chernoplechy peacock was considered a separate species, but after Darwin amendments according to which the black color is the result of mutations it has lost this status. To date, these peacocks can not be found in the wild. Dilute them exclusively in captivity where they are perfectly adapted and multiply.

Feeding time at the zoo: 07:30, 16:30