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Black Palm cockatoo

Description: Black cockatoo is one of the largest parrots average weight, which is in the region of 1 kg. Color feathers black with a greenish tinge. He has a large and powerful beak like zelenokrylogo ares, and on her head a tuft of straight black feathers. Cheeks red, naked, without feathers and down. Due to the sharp claws can move quickly through the branches of trees, as well as jump. His sharp beak can even cut the wire.

Food: They eat mostly nuts, fruit figs, various larvae and insects, as well as seeds.

Habitat: Savannas and rainforests of Australia and nearby islands. Black cockatoos can settle as a group, and can live alone, if the trees are not available in large quantities.

Interesting fact: The Black Cockatoo - centenarians. They can live up to 90 years of age. Given this fact, they are also not in a hurry to procreation and create a couple already in a fairly mature age. Kakadu-Monogamous, formed an alliance for the rest of his mind zhizn.V fastidious disposition can be very aggressive and even vindictive towards the person, especially if he is not pleased.

Nickname: Beka

Feeding time at the zoo: 12:00