Puma concolor

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In their habitat, cougars are one of the dominant predators. These graceful animals, which are also called mountain lions, are distinguished by their agility, endurance and a high level of intelligence. They are able to plan attacks on unsuspecting prey, are quick-witted, and fight fiercely if threatened. But despite this, the area in which cougars are still found is steadily shrinking due to the fact that they are crowded out by people.

  • Feeding

    Cougar can feed on a wide variety of animals from mice, squirrels, possums, rabbits, muskrats, sloths, agouti, monkeys, porcupins, canadian beavers, raccoons, skunks and armadillos, to coyotes, lynxes, alligators and even other cougars. They also eat birds, fish, and even snails and insects.

  • Habitat

    Historically, the range of the cougar was the most extensive of all land mammals in America. Even now, in terms of the latitude of distribution, the cougar is comparable (of the feline) only with the common lynx, red lynx, forest cat and leopard.

  • Interesting fact

    The cougar is the second largest feline in America. Only the jaguar is larger than her. On the plain, the cougar can reach speeds of up to 65 km / h, but she quickly gets tired. In the event of a chase, she tries to quickly climb a tree and hide from her pursuers there. All cougars are solitary, with the exception of females with cubs. During the mating season, adults also meet, but not for long. The female takes care of her cubs until they are 2 years old. However, cubs begin to learn to hunt already at the age of 9-10 months. Their kittens are born spotted, but their color soon changes to a single color. These animals fiercely defend their territory, the area of ​​which can reach 200 square kilometers. This big cat's milk is 5-6 times fatter than cow's milk. One of the alternative names for the cougar is cougar. The cougar has special tubercles on the tongue, with the help of which they tear off small pieces of meat from the prey. While running, they can jump up to 10-12 meters in length. Cougar kittens never come out of hiding until their mother calls them. Having caught large prey, the cougar always hides its remains until the next meal. If this is not done, scavengers will quickly reach it. Prey cougars prefer to attack exclusively from an ambush. These are the only large cats on the American continent with a solid color.