Blue-yellow macaw

Ara ararauna

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Blue-yellow macaw refers to the bird of the parrot family. The length of his body varies from 80 cm to 95 cm, while the length of the wings is about 40 cm. The tail is slightly more than 50 cm. The average weight of an adult bird is 1200 g. The bright blue color is distributed over the upper part of the body, on the sides, on the neck. The abdomen and breast have an orange-yellow color with a small black spot in the neck. Ara has a very powerful beak allowing you to easily gnaw nuts and gnaw tree branches. The average life expectancy in the natural environment is 50 years, in zoos parrots can live up to the age of 60 - 83 years.

  • Feeding

    As a rule, ara eat seeds, ripe and also not mature fruits, bark of trees, nuts, berries, flowers, vegetables, insects and young shoots of plants. In search of food overcome the distance to 30 km during the day.

  • Habitat

    Ara inhabit tropical and coastal forests and swamps of Paraguay and Brazil. They can also be found in savannas and small wooded areas, which are located next to the rivers within 500 m above sea level.

  • Interesting fact

    Ara are known for their cleverness and ability to learn. They can imitate human speech and remember up to two dozen words. Blue-yellow macaws are rather loud and emotional, they have a very strong, loud voice. These birds have an acute need to constantly nibble something. Are able to gnaw even a steel wire.