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Red-handed tamarin

Description: Tamarins have a color of dark brown or black, with characteristic reddish yellowish back and front paws. The face is dark, hairless and with large ears.

Like all gaming, they have claws on their toes instead of nails. The length of the body of an adult animal is 21-28 cm, the tail is 31-44 cm with a weight of 400-550 g. The peak of primate activity falls on the bright time of day, most of which they spend in the crowns of trees, where they move on all fours or jumps. They live in groups of up to 6 individuals in average, consisting of a dominant female, other females and males, and also common toddlers. The life span of tamarins is about 15 years. And in their natural environment, unfortunately, life expectancy is declining due to the cutting down of the tropical forests of employees by the house. The same factor affects the sharp decline in the population, respectively.

Food: Red-breasted tamarin is omnivorous. It feeds on fruits, nectar and juice of trees, as well as insects.

Habitat: The main habitat of the red-handed tamarin is the forests of the northeast of South America (Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname) and part of Brazil north of the Amazon.

Interesting fact:

  • Like all tamarins, it mates with all the males of the group and gives birth exclusively to the dominant female, a rare phenomenon among mammals, called polyandry. After 140-145 days of pregnancy, twins appear, which are brought up by the males of the group. The female devotes time to offspring only during feeding.
  • Tamarines social animals and within the group actively communicate with each other, care for each other's hair, which also serves as a means of communication.