Suricata suricatta

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The length of the body of these animals within 35 cm. Weight - 750 g Colour - brown and orange. They love to live in the burrows what they dug by themselves or "borrow" them from neighbors - ground squirrels. From time to time a house need to change, because it infest insects and parasites. Meerkats living in families which include 30 individuals. Sometimes, between the various families of skirmishes could occur the battle for territory that ends very badly. They multiply to 7 times a year. Mother of all babies can be only one dominant female.


  • Feeding

    The main food of meerkats - plants, insects and small vertebrates, snakes, bird eggs.

  • Habitat

    Kalahari desert area, r-us South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Angola. Earlier, meerkats were also in Madagascar.

  • Interesting fact

    Meerkats highly organized animals living in a colony consisting of several families (a total of 30 individuals). For the habit of standing on its hind legs folded forward on his tummy, they got the name  "the duty of the desert." In case of danger, a guard informs the whole family with a loud whistle and then he dives into the hole.