Ovis gmelini

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Mouflon - the closest wild relative of normal sheep. He has a short, smooth hair brown color on the back and white underneath. The male has a triangular thick horns. Weight ranges from 40 to 50 kg. In nature they live in  large herds about 100 individuals representing females and lambs. Males occasionally join them during the rut, but most are leading solitary lifestyle. Life expectancy in the environment of 7-8 years in captivity 12 years.



  • Feeding

    Food moufflon consists from herbaceous plants, tree leaves and succulent young shoots.

  • Habitat

    Mouflon likes Highlands. It can climb to a height of 4000 m. Usually it can be found in southern Europe, on the islands of Corsica and Sardinia.

  • Interesting fact

    The ancestor of mouflon sheep  was domesticated by people  about 9000 thousand years ago. Its name in Latin literally means "care for the sheep begat civilization." Once people domesticated sheep, they stopped hunt and began to engage in agriculture and animal husbandry.