Askanian sheep

Ovis aries

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Askanian sheep are big and high enough. Their weight reaches an average of 120 kg and height up to 70 cm. The neck has several folds. The length of wool 7-10 cm. Clip is from 6 kg (females) to 19 kg (rams) per year. These sheep are very productive,because of inherited properties of its species, for which they often was crossed with other breeds for their improvement.

  • Feeding

    Grass and hay and roughage.

  • Habitat

    The southern regions of Ukraine (Nikolayev, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions).

  • Interesting fact

    This breed of sheep has been bred in the reserve "Askania Nova" in the mid 20-ies the last century. In conditions of arid desert merino sheep had very liquid wool and light weight. The researchers set out to bring a new meat breed with long hair, which perfectly would itself felt in local conditions. As a result, by crossing merino, American rambule and Prekos was made askanian  sheep.