Alaskan tundra wolf

Canis lupus tundrarum

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Polar wolf inhabits the same territory as the dozens of centuries ago,  due of very weak competition with man.  Weight of Polar Wolf is 85 kg, with an average growth of 130-150 cm. The life span of this species in the wild is about 7 years old, in captivity up to 17 years.

  • Feeding

    For the sake to survive, he can eat anything, but in preference of course meat. In search of food  a polar wolf can across the territory up to 2000 kilometers. Catching prey  he can  eat at one time up to 10 kg of meat even with bones. Thanks to its 42 powerful teeth. The main food for them are polar hares, lemmings, caribou and muskoxen.

  • Habitat

    Native land of polar wolves is the most barren areas of the world where more than half of year reigns the polar night . Exceptions can be only  completely ice-covered areas.

  • Interesting fact

    Polar wolves are very social animals who live, usually in flock which consisting of 7-10 individuals. They have a very well developed parental instinct, so about newborn cubs cares whole flock, even if the wolf-mother had gone hunting and left for some time her kids in the den.



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