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Spectacled caiman

Description: Spectacled caiman - a small alligator with a little narrower and a long snout. The length of mature male up to 2.5 m the length of female - about 1.4 m caiman Weight can vary from 7 to 40 kg. Color juvenile the yellow-black, the oldest has olive green. They breeding by laying eggs in specially constructed nests of thicket. Sometimes several females lay their eggs in the same nest.

Food: Caiman ration consists mainly of small amphibians, fish, shellfish and crabs. Large in size, males are able to catch large prey such as wild pigs or reptiles like Anaconda.

Habitat: Distribution area spectacled caiman is in Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. These animals inhabit tropical and sub-tropical waters with dense vegetation.

Interesting fact: In very dry hot weather, caimans like to hibernate, while burrowing in the sand. Like chameleons, they change color due to the expansion of black cells in the skin. Temperature has an effect on floor Cayman. If the eggs are in cold nest then will be females, when warm and comfortable - will born males. Cayman kids in times of danger may issue a sound like something between croaking and hissing. Adults can make a sound like a barking.