Our animals

Ring-tailed lemur

Description: Slender animals like cats with very long black and white tail length from 52 to 62 cm, slightly twisted upright. The color gray hair, legs and head white. Eye dark spots. At the tail 13 tie black and white stripes. With such a beautiful tail they signal the approaching danger his people. He also serves as a balancing them while driving. The average weight of an adult cat lemur 3.5 kg of which the share of the tail have 1.5 kg. Life expectancy in the environment of 18-20 years. In captivity up to 37 years.

Food: Fruit trees and leaves in some cases insects, honey bees and wild birds eggs.

Habitat: Lemurs prefer to live in the forest (jungle, woodlands). Sometimes they can be found on the slopes. Traditionally home to lemurs cat is considered to be the island of Madagascar.

Interesting fact: Cat lemurs, like start your day with sunbathing. Paws stretched in different directions and substituting the sun your stomach long they can sit back and enjoy as if meditating. Lemurs communicate using smell, rather musk glands located on the wrists, chest and around the genitals. They are very emotional, talkative and active use facial expressions and by passing information to each other.

Feeding time at the zoo: 08:00, 12:00, 17:00