White tiger

Panthera tigris bengalensis

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White Tiger is a singular Bengal tiger with a congenital mutation in connection with what is not considered a separate subspecies. This mutation leads to the fact that tigers are born completely white with brown and black stripes on a white fur and blue eyes. This color is very rare in wild animals. The incidence of white tigers - 1 individual per 10 000 with a normal color. White tiger - is not albino. It would be more accurate to speak of light (white) color variations of color. The remaining white tigers today live in zoos. The founder of the white tigers is a Bengal tiger. Bengal tigers usual reddish color sometimes give birth to cubs with white hair, which, however, preserved dark stripes. In captivity, they are propagated as a separate species, because color is inherited genetically. The family of white parents are always born white tiger cubs, but in red tiger such offspring - a rarity. In nature, they survive extremely rare - these animals can not hunt successfully, because they are too noticeable.So white tigers in zoo, surrounded by care living up to 26 years. Bengal tiger, like other tigers is protected in all countries where it lives. The hunt for this predator, catching cubs, the use of tiger parts is a criminal offense.

  • Feeding

    In the wild, tigers mostly feed on hoofed animals. For the Bengal tiger is the main prey such species as deer sambar deer, Axis, wild boar, and nilgau.

  • Habitat

    Bangladesh, Central India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan. Now in captivity it has about 130 white tigers, including about 100 - in India.

  • Interesting fact

    All white tigers contained today in captivity, descended from a common ancestor - Bengali male named by Mohan. According to Chinese mythology, the tiger is the personification of military valor. His image is used in the fight against the demons and evil spirits.



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