Hamadryas baboon

Papio hamadryas

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Hamadryad or frilled baboon - Monkey kind of baboons. its body length 75 - 80 cm, weight 20-30 kg, females are almost twice as less. Males are pale gray, with long (25 cm) hair on the shoulders and the upper part of the body forming the mantle or "cloak", on the face - a large "whiskers" on the tail - the brush. Females are a bit dark-brown with olive tint, lack of hair ornaments. Sciatic corn red, large, especially in males. Gamadrily live in herds numbering in the 80-100 or more individuals. At the head of the family is hamadryad the large male that strictly monitors the maintenance of the hierarchy. The leader monitors the discipline, to prevent dispersal of the herd. It is usually the first to notice the approach of the enemy, letting the rest of the herd a special shout. His harem has several adult females. Kids and female with newborn, occupy a privileged position in the community. Old females and teenagers live the worst. Lifespan hamadryas about 30 years.

  • Feeding

    Hamadryas are omnivorous: they feed on juicy fruits, young shoots of plants, roots, lizards, insects, bird eggs, and sometimes they eat the birds themselves.

  • Habitat

    Hamadryas are omnivorous: they eat juicy fruits, young shoots of plants, roots, lizards, insects, birds eggs, and sometimes eat birds;: It lives in open areas of Africa (Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia) and Asia (the Arabian Peninsula).

  • Interesting fact

    Male hamadryas stealing from neighbors daughters for his harem. The females in the harem, without being bound by kinship and solidarity to each other do not show, and the male keeps them in a iron fist and for the smallest self-will hurt biting the neck. Communication between hamadryas occurs through the wide range of sounds, facial expressions and gestures in communion with each other, gamadrily use about sixteen different sound signals having a certain value. Since gamadrily many hours a day spend sitting - during siesta - sciatic calluses are very important. They allow the monkeys sit on the hot African sun rock, not firing at it and do not overheat. And at night, when the rocks in the mountains are cold, sitting on a thick pillow, baboon never catch a cold. Hamadryas have 32 teeth as people Some biological indicators hamadryas (blood, hormones, reproductive system) are the same as in humans.



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