Dalmatian pelican

Pelecanus crispus

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Dalmatian Pelican has white feathers with a characteristic color gray bloom on Underwings. The feathers on the back of the head is slightly longer, slightly twisted, and as it were a little disheveled. Sexual dimorphism is almost not expressed. They live in groups. Life expectancy in captivity - 30 years. In nature, a little less.

  • Feeding

    The diet consists exclusively of Dalmatian Pelican Fish

  • Habitat

    In nature, pelicans make their nests on the beach. Habitat is south-east Europe and Asia.

  • Interesting fact

    As a rule Pelicans are fishing families. A pair of adult pelicans takes with them to hunt a little bit grown up chicks,for sake  to teach them how to get their own food. As a place to hunt, they can choose shallow and deep enough place. Slow swimming and peering into the water, they grab the prey, and place it in his huge beak, which it serves as a bag for the fish. By observing adult pelican's beak can hold up to 5 kg of fish.