Indian peacock

Pavo cristatus

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Indian peacock is one of the most numerous species on Earth. It has an unusually beautiful feather blue on the head, chest and neck, as well as a characteristic exclusively for males green tail with "eyes".Lifespan in the habitat -15 years in captivity, he can expect to live 20 years or more. At the age of 3 years of sexual maturity occurs. Peacocks are polygamous.

  • Feeding

    Peacock eats almost everything that is available to him regardless of the climate and conditions. This may be the food of plant, animal and insects, slugs and even small mammals.

  • Habitat

    India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka. Peacock prefers to nest in a wooded area and near the cultural land and near rivers.

  • Interesting fact

    Peacock was domesticated 3 thousand. Years ago in India, where he was regarded as a sacred bird. Since that time he specially bred in captivity as a decorative bird. Up to three years, males and females look exactly the same. At the age of three males appear those most captivating with its beauty feathers in the district of the tail. Peacock was described in the ancient literature and mythology of many countries in East, and the early Christians spoke about him as a symbol of the resurrection of Christ. The merchants and sailors brought it as a trophy, so the peacocks spread almost all over the globe.Currently, there are about 17 species (mutations) Indian Peafowl, and only two of them separated into separate species.