Helmeted guineafowl

Numida meleagris

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Guinea fowl - a close relative of the domestic chicken and turkeys. An unpretentious, freedom-loving fowl. She has a long neck, with the build-up of blue and strong body with plumage color of gray fabric with polka dots. Sometimes it is called "Pearly" barley or "Pearly chicken" (from the perl. Pearl). But the crown has a horn-shaped appendage. Living guinea fowl flock number, which consists of about 50 individuals. During the mating period, all divided into pairs. Each female is capable to carry somewhere around 150 eggs per year. Life expectancy of guinea fowl - 10 years.

  • Feeding

    Guinea fowl diet consists from plant foods, seeds, berries, leaves, small insects and rodents.

  • Habitat

    Originally, guinea fowl from Africa (Numidia).

  • Interesting fact

    Guinea fowl were brought from Africa to Europe 500 years ago. Since then it is considered to be poultry. But despite that nature are still found wild guinea fowl, such as about. Madagascar (Africa). In its turn domestic guinea fowl are considered stronger in comparison with chickens, as their relationship with the wild guinea fowl has left a positive footprint on the genetics of creating a higher threshold of immunity to disease.