Patagonian mara

Dolichotis patagonum

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Patagonian mara, or Patagonian hare is a rodent. its body length of 69-75 cm. Large specimens can weigh 9-16 kg. Maximum tail length - 4.5 cm Coat color in the lower and upper part of the body is different.. The upper part of the body - grayish, bottom - whitish. They live in small groups (no more than 15 individuals). In the natural environment, the activity occurs at daytime, when they move across the pampas. Mara spend the night in burrows that are digging their own or occupy empty burrows dug by other animals. Mara Propagate, usually once a year. Gestation period lasts 77 days, after which into the world appear from 2 to 5 cubs. They begin to see since the first days of life and could soon eat solid foods along with breast milk. The life expectancy of 14-15 years.

  • Feeding

    The diet of these animals consists exclusively of plant foods: cereal, grass, roots, flowers, leaves, seeds and bark. Animals disperse at night and gather in the morning for a joint meal. Patagonian Mara does not need regular watering as they can go without water for a long time. The bulk of the desired amount of fluid they receive with food.

  • Habitat

    Maras - the indigenous people of South America. Patagonian mara inhabit vast expanses of Argentine pampas and Patagonia rocky territory.

  • Interesting fact

    Mara form pairs for life and are very attached to each other. Do not deviate from each other by more than a few meters. In addition, they are very shy and can even die from fear. Therefore, being with these animals, it is desirable to act with extreme caution, not scream and not to disturb him any careless actions.