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Marmots immediate family squirrels and gophers. They have the same thick and beautiful hair. The shape of the skull is slightly flattened and the eyes are set wide apart. They are bigger and squirrels prairie dogs, have round ears that almost look out of hair and a round, short tail. In nature, their life is very short only 5 years old, but in captivity they can live up to 15 years.

  • Feeding

    The diet consists of Groundhog plant foods, with which he can eat small insects and larvae. The captive woodchucks may have even meat.

  • Habitat

    Marmots inhabit all the northern hemisphere of our planet. They live in colonies in burrows. Meet them possibly  in the mountains, plains and forests.

  • Interesting fact

    If marmots live in remote areas from the people their lifestyle quite impressive. They can long sleep or rest, lounging somewhere on the hill, or stone, sunbathing. In the summer they are very active and accumulate fat reserves by eating huge amounts of food, and in winter hibernate. Sleeping Groundhog lasts 5 or even 9 months. The longest sleep for representative fauna. In America celebrate - Groundhog Day. For this sleepy animal pulled out of the hole to the basis of his behavior to determine when the spring comes.