Highland Pony

Equus ferus caballus

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Pony - a subspecies of the domestic horse. A characteristic feature is the low height (80-140 cm), powerful neck, short legs, and endurance. Within the breed there are three types: small pony height at the withers 122-132 cm, riding Shetland ponies - rise 132-140 cm; and the largest meylend pony height at the withers 142-147 cm. hetland ponies can be very easily identified by their short legs, long tail and mane chic. Also, these ponies very thick coat, which warms them in the cold seasonThe growth of Shetland ponies are usually between 70 and 107 centimeters. Painting a pony in black and white, or dark brown. Despite his small stature, Shetland ponies are very strong animals. There are currently displayed about 20 riding and easily harness pony breeds.

  • Feeding

    They eat mainly grasses, grain, hay and root vegetables.

  • Habitat

    For ponies are a lot of breeds, bred in the British Isles, Iceland, Sicily, Corsica, Gotland, Hokkaido. Shetland pony is one of the oldest breeds of horses in England, which was called on behalf of the islands, where she came from - the north-east coast of Scotland.

  • Interesting fact

    Shetland ponies are used for medicinal purposes - they help heal the psyche of children. Also I use them in treatment programs to help people with disabilities. Today Shetland pony universal pet, it is very fond of children, it is considered an ideal "steed" for kids.The researchers note that, despite the meager size, this pony is the most powerful breed of horses.