Appaloosa pony

Appaloosa pony

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Pony Appaloosa - a motley horse breed, bred, and very popular in the United States. Motley color can vary from dark spots with white to almost white with small dark spots. Unlike other horses spotted coloring is not only hair, but also skin. Hooves in appaluza- striped. The height of 142-163 cm, weight 450-500 kg. Despite the subtle body, Appaloosa very hardy. Club Appaloosa lovers identifies 13 basic colors. Living such a pony usually longer than the horses. The maximum life span of 45-54 years.


  • Feeding

    As a rule, Appaloosa horses diet does not particularly different from the standard rules on the feeding of horses. Components of the diet - drink and food. Food - it is primarily the oats and hay or fresh grass.

  • Habitat

    Homeland Appaloosa breed is an area Palouz river in the north of the United States. Now Appaloosa breed in the western US and Canada.

  • Interesting fact

    This breed has been bred by the Indians from the descendants of breeding horses of the Spanish conquistadors and other species imported by Europeans in America. In the the course of a pony lift feet above the horses; they feel confident on any ground; their strong hooves do not need horseshoes. Only Appaloosa horse can be so fast and dynamically change the direction or speed run that horse breeders called the shovels. The first mentions of the existence of spotted Appaloosa horses were seen on the rock art cave man. This demonstrates the antiquity of the breed and its proximity to the people on the origin of civilization.