Lama guanicoe

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Lama- South American mammal of the family of camelids. The average weight of adult male body of 125 kg and a body length of about 1.7 m. All members of the lamas characterized by a long graceful neck and a disproportionately small head with pointed ears high. Wool cover Lamas very thick and its color varies from pure white to black and brown. Lama herd animal, requires the presence of at least two more fellows in the group. Most often, the male lives with two - three females. Age of puberty, the animal reaches the age of three years, during mating season - September, pregnancy lasts 10-11 months, after which the light appears a little cub, often alone. Lifespan Lama for about 20 years

  • Feeding

    Lama, as well as other representatives of the camelids feed on a wide range of food. However, preference is given to the lush grass vegetation, which not only contains a lot of moisture, but also a full range of vitamins and minerals. And despite their belonging to the family of camels, lama needs water on a daily basis. Therefore, fill the water balance of the animal is a priority for all owners of lamas.

  • Habitat

    In the wild, these mammals have survived in very small amounts in the territory of South America.

  • Interesting fact

    Lama beast of burden that can carry loads up to 50 kg, which more weight to him. Females lamas are used only for breeding: they have never been milked. If the animal is tired, or laden with the burden seems too heavy for him, male llama will not budge even under the influence of threats.