Fallow deer

Dama dama

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Deer, or the European deer - medium sized ruminant herbivore and exclusively. Lan, or the European deer - deer medium sized ruminant herbivore and exclusively. Its weight varies from 65-110 kg for males and 45-70 kg before in females. Mating period begins in September and lasts until mid-November. At this time males loudly trumpeted, urging females and emphasizing the right of its range. From mid-June to late July, after 32 weeks of pregnancy, females are separated from the group and give birth to the light of one or two cubs. They are feeding milk about 4 months. Puberty, young up to the age of two to three years. In general, their life expectancy is 30 years. The animal is listed in the International Red Book.


  • Feeding

    Their food is grass and foliage. Sometimes they tear down the bark of trees.

  • Habitat

    Widespread in Europe and Asia. At the present time deer is found in European countries that have access to the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in Egypt, West Africa, Lebanon, Asia Minor, Iraq, and Syria.

  • Interesting fact

    In Greek mythology, deer was magical and sacred being, belonging to the goddess of hunting Artemis. The young males begin to grow horns aged between 7-11 months. Early horns resemble small bumps. At the age of 3-4 years old doe appears characteristic "spade", and fully formed horns to 5-6 years. The doe - character, popular among the peoples of the East and Asia. It embodies shyness, timidity, grace.