Asiatic black bear

Ursus thibetanus

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The Asiatic black bear species of mammals of the order Carnivora. In the Himalayas, in the summer he lives at an altitude of 3000-4000 m, in winter descends to the foot of the mountains. The Asiatic black bear largest nearly half of the brown bear and differs from it more slender physique, thin sharp-nosed snout, large round ears; forelegs back stronger. Males of the species of 150-170 cm, height at withers of about 80 cm, weighing 120-140 kg. Females are much smaller. They live in dens that suit in the hollows of softwood - poplar or basswood. The courtship season at Asiatic black bear is held in June-August. Pregnancy lasts 200-240 days. Kids are born in the den, when the female is asleep. This winter or early spring. The litter is usually 2 bear. Rarely is 1 or 3-4. Weigh newborns 300-400 grams. Cubs grow very slowly and by May gaining only 2.5 kg. The younger generation grows up to 2-3 years. Sexual maturity comes in 3 years. Give birth to a female at intervals of 2-3 years. In the wild Asiatic black bear lives 25 years. In captivity, some specimens survived up to 44 years.

  • Feeding

    Food Himalayan bear 85% of vegetable origin:. Pine and other nuts, acorns, berries and various fruits, shoots of grass and shrubs, succulent bulbs and rhizomes. Prey is rare, but does not disdain carrion. From protein food eats ants and other insects, mollusks, frogs. In humans it does not attack. In the winter goes into hibernation.

  • Habitat

    It lives in the mountain forests of hill and from Iran through Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Himalayas to Korea and Japan. In the north area captures northeast China (Manchuria), Seaside and the southern regions of Russia Khabarovsk Krai, southern Yakutia and in the south comes to the north of Vietnam and Hainan Island and Taiwan.

  • Interesting fact

    Asiatic bear - the plant-eating bear of all bears. In hibernation, he sleeps for a month longer brown. In the center of the chest black bear white «V» - shaped spot. Thanks to his Himalaya bear called "moon bear."