Japanese macaque

Macaca fuscata

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A Japanese monkey, one of species of macaques. Growth Adult male between 75 and 90 cm with a weight of 12-14 kg. Females are slightly smaller. Their skin has a bright red color. Wool dark gray with a brown shade covers the entire body except for the muzzle, buttocks and arms. The tail is very short, only 10 cm. Macaques live in colonies, the number of which can be up to 100 individuals. In each of them a strict hierarchy reigns in the lead, which is the leader, looking for order, as a rule, the oldest of the males in the pack. The average life expectancy in the region of 30 years, in captivity live longer.

  • Feeding

    The diet of monkeys consists mostly of plant food (grass, plants, shoots, roots, and berries, sometimes the bark of trees). They may also catch insects, worms and small rodents.

  • Habitat

    Homeland Japanese monkeys considered the Japanese island of Yakushima, where the temperature can go down to -8 degrees in connection with what the Japanese macaques thrive in cold conditions.

  • Interesting fact

    Each individual macaques colony famous for the presence of their own dialect, which is not understood by the representatives of other colonies. In severe frosts macaque climb into the hot springs and sit there. Other members of the colony, meanwhile, bring food for the "wet" relative, then they change places.



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