Bactrian camel

Camelus bactrianus

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Bactrian camel or Bactrian - the largest representative of the family of camelids (Camelidae). Bactrian camel - a very large animal. Its height at the withers is more than 2 meters and is 210 and even 230 cm body height with humps even higher, up to 270 cm, adult camel male weighs on average about 500 kg, but often much more -. Indicates the weight of 690 kg and 800 kg. Camel stops growing at the age of 7 years. The natural color of the two-humped camel - brown and various shades of the sand (there are more red, more dark or bright camels). Bactrian camel - an animal, active in the daytime. At night, he sleeps either or poorly active and busy chewing gum. Both males and females become sexually mature at the age of 3-5 years. The female brings litter every two years. Born a camel; twins are rare. camels Pregnancy lasts 13 months. Camels are born in the spring, fertility peak in March-April. Camels give birth standing up, the newborn camel weighs an average of about 36 kg and has a height at the shoulder about 90 cm. It is almost immediately (within two hours) is able to follow the mother.

  • Feeding

    Bactrian camel - an animal exclusively herbivorous. The camel's diet consists of 33 of the 50 major plant species of desert flora.

  • Habitat

    Bactrian camel is found mainly in the steppe and semi-desert areas in the eastern part of the Central and Middle Asia, Mongolia and neighboring areas of Russia and China.

  • Interesting fact

    The camel carries a dehydration, which is certainly fatal to all other mammals - it survives, losing up to 40% of water in the body (other warm-blooded animals are killed by the loss of 20% water). At strong dehydration Bactrian able at one time to drink more 100 litrov.V each hump can stock up to 36 kg of fat. At 34 sharp teeth of camels. Sight and smell are well developed, the animal can see a moving object at a distance of 1 km. Bactrian camels run fast - up to 60 km / h. Wild Bactrian Camel is listed in the International Red Book. Estimated population size of about 500 mature individuals.

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