Black leopard

Panthera pardus

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Leopard- kind of carnivorous mammal of the cat family, one of four members of the genus Panther belonging to the subfamily of big cats. In Southeast Asia, there are melanistic leopards, which are called black panthers. The skin of a black panther is not totally black, on it to a greater or lesser extent, are always visible spots stood out. Body length without the tail is from 90 to 190 cm, with a tail - all 150 -. 300 cm male Height reaches 50-78 cm male weight not exceeding 75 kg.. Typically, the Panthers are more aggressive than other leopards. Pregnancy lasts for only 3 months. Before birth the female goes in search of a suitable lair for her future kittens. On light there are 1-2 cubs, which deals exclusively with the education of the mother. Black individuals may be born in a litter with a normally colored cubs. Male kittens are not allowed to. He lives far away from the brood, but visits him often. Young growing very quickly and within 2-2.5 years become sexually mature. Their families, they begin to acquire the age of 2-3 years.In the wild, leopard, life expectancy is about 12-15 years in captivity the same - all 24.

  • Feeding

    They feed on a variety of leopards, ungulates medium size: deer, antelope, deer and other animals.

  • Habitat

    Southeast Asia.

  • Interesting fact

    The recessive gene for melanism, is much more common in populations of leopards living in the forest and mountainous areas, as well as leopards from tropical Asia. In order to mining remained in the integrity and security, leopards prefer to drag her into the trees. This procedure is done with the greatest of ease, if not 50-60 kg lift and bag, straw beve. Scientists at the zoo found that when crossed with black leopard spotted kittens are born of both types of stains approximately equal proportion, and black parents give mainly black offspring.

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