Amur tiger

Panthera tigris altaica

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Amur / Ussuri tiger or the northern one of the largest of its kind. His hair is thicker than that of tigers from warmer climatic zones, and lighter (light orange). The average weight of mature tiger 200- 250 kg, sometimes 300 kg. When the body length of 2.5-3.5 m. The females are somewhat smaller than males, but in general they have no visual difference in colors of wool. In the 3-4 year life comes sexual mature. The female can give birth to three or four kids. By six months old, the cubs are already beginning to prey on a par with his mother until the end of the first year of life, they become totally self-sufficient, able to survive in the wild. 25 years of life expectancy (in captivity) and 15 (in nature).

  • Feeding

    The diet is a tiger caught their prey (in the wild) or 10 kg of meat per day (at the zoo). In addition, in the nature of Amur tigers constantly go fishing in the rivers, near which they live.

  • Habitat

    The protected area in the southeast of Russia (the Ussuri River and the Amur).

  • Interesting fact

    Excellent binocular vision allows you to see the great predator sacrifice during a night of hunting. If mining is very large with the help of the teeth it can drag it to a distance of 500 meters. Long mustaches (115 mm) also help to orient themselves in space and to quickly analyze information in any environment.

  • Feeding time at the zoo



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