African lion

Panthera leo

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Leo - kind of predatory mammals, one of four members of the genus Panther is, along with the tiger of the largest living cats. These animals have a large size. The average weight of the male is 180 kg, and the maximum - 250 kg. The females weigh on average 125 kg, the maximum - 180 kg. Lions living in southern Africa, the largest representative of the eastern and western regions. The withers males reach a height of 120 cm, females - 90 cm, very rarely - 100 cm length of the male body reaches 2.5 meters, females -. 1.8 meters. The maximum weight that was recorded - 370 kg, the maximum length was 3.6 meters. This predator most socially organized of all members of the cat family. African lions live in groups with a large number of so-called prides. Hunt females and males at this time protect the area from attacks from other Lions Pride. All female pride trying to get pregnant at the same time, because easier to feed and look after the cubs born at the same time. The first generations of females are in 4 years. Duration of pregnancy - 110 days. Births lionesses are in secluded places outside Pride: in caves, thickets of shrubs. Born to 4 cubs weighing up to 2 kg, helpless and blind. Eyes kids open 10 days after birth, they begin another 10 days to go. Sexually mature males become in 3 years. The heyday of the predator strength from 4 to 10 years. Then gradually grow old lions. In the wild, male Lions live an average of 12 years, and females - 15 years. The zoo lions can live longer - more than 20 years.

  • Feeding

    The normal habitat of African lions is a savannah, where they live with a lot of hoofed animals. They form the basis of the diet of these predators.

  • Habitat

    It inhabits the African lion in Africa, located south of the Sahara Desert. Now Africa to 50,000 lives of this species. Also, about 2,000 African lions live in captivity: in zoos and circuses. The situation with the population of these predators is the major concern.

  • Interesting fact

    Lions take the second place among the feline in size (after tigers). Terrible lion roar can be heard for 8 kilometers in the savannah. Lion mane lion helps protect during fights. Lions can reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, chasing prey, but can travel short distances. lion leap up to 11 meters.

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