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Agouti closest relatives normal guinea pigs, and are very similar to them in appearance. However, the difference from the brothers in the family are their long, slender legs. Front feet with five digits on the back of all three fingers. The tail is there, but virtually invisible .. Weight Agouti adult varies between 4 kg and his height is not more than 60 cm. In their natural environment, these gryzunychasto become prey to predators, it is difficult to assess the actual life expectancy. In captivity Agouti can live peacefully for 20 years.

  • Feeding

    The food Agouti - a juicy fruit and shoots of plants and trees. Also, they can eat the worms.

  • Habitat

    Location Agouti - tropical forests of South and Central America.

  • Interesting fact

    Agouti - rodent and its main advantage is very sharp, strong teeth capable of stabbing Brazil nuts like sunflower seeds. In addition, they are excellent jumpers capable of rising to a height of 6 meters.Couples Agouti create once and for all life, keeping faithful to each other. And every year, twice a year the female bears to 4 pups per litter.