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Reticulated giraffe

Description: Reticulated giraffe - a mammal of the order Artiodactyla, family giraffidae. It is the tallest land animals of the planet. In mesh giraffe spots in the form of polygons almost merge, and the background yellow color is only occasional strips like an animal thrown over a golden chain. This is the most beautiful giraffes. Rutting period giraffes starts in July and lasts for about two months. Pregnancy lasts 420-450 days, the newborn giraffe has a mass of 70 kg with height 1.7-2 m. Currently giraffes are contained in almost all major zoos in the world and breed well in captivity. The longevity of these animals for over 20 years (the record - 28 years).

Food: Giraffes are solely herbivores. body structure and physiology allow the giraffes eat leaves of tree crowns - at a height where they have no competitors. Daily giraffe consumes about 30 kg of food per meal and holds sixteen to twenty hours a day. During one sitting giraffe can drink up to 6 buckets of water.

Habitat: Giraffes live in the savannas of Africa. Today they can be found just to the south and south-east-Saharan Africa, especially in the savannas of East and Southern Africa. Reticulated giraffe is found in woodlands Somalia and Northern Kenya.

Interesting fact: The total duration of a full deep sleep in adult animals is strikingly low: it does not exceed 20 minutes per night. Giraffe Heart skips a minute about 6O liters of blood. Giraffe has 7 cervical vertebrae, as well as other mammals (only they are much more). And the neck of the animal weighs 250 kg.Tongue of giraffe has a length of about 45 cm. Giraffes heart weighs more than 10 kg. Step of giraffe is more than 4 meters. When he is quiet, you have to run to keep up. Giraffe can run at speeds up to 50 km / h. Spots on the skin of a giraffe unique as human fingerprints finger.

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