Black swan

Cygnus atratus

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Black Swan has a very long neck (31 vertebrae) that serves as an excellent tool for hunting at depth. Color only black feathers, but sometimes there are small white specks, hidden somewhere far beneath the wings. The feathers of the tail slightly curly. Eyes are orange or brown. Adult height between 1 and 4 meters.

  • Feeding

    The diet consists of a black swan plant reservoirs and lakes where they live. They can also use a little grain and the trees growing near the water (willow).

  • Habitat

    In nature, black swans are found in large numbers in Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. It is attached to the places where they were born and could live there all his life, sometimes fighting with aliens for the territory.

  • Interesting fact

    The Black Swan, unlike his next of kin is not a migratory bird. From Australia to Europe, he was brought in as a decorative bird early explorers. By the way it was a black swan is today the official symbol of Western Australia. The figure of the same birds present in the coats of arms, flags and even postage stamps of all major Australian cities.

  • Feeding time at the zoo