Zebra Chapman

Equus quagga chapmani

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Zebras are mostly gregarious lifestyle, but sometimes found in nature and one by one. Herd occurs when the 5-6 year old stallion chooses his bride and they even joined several females. So a kind of harem they live up to the end of life. Born in a family of males subsequently expelled from the herd aged 1-3 years. Zebra recognizes his relatives by a unique pattern on the skin, which may be one of a kind, like fingerprints in humans. zebra skin is so strong that it can not bite even alligator with their powerful teeth. In nature zebra live 20 to 30 years in captivity up to 40 years.


  • Feeding

    The main food is the zebra grass and tree leaves.

  • Habitat

    Zebras live in eastern and southern Africa. As a rule their settlements are located in the steppes, plains and mountainous areas.

  • Interesting fact

    Zebra Chapman differs from others of their relatives by the presence of brown bands between whites and blacks, as well as the presence of bands in the lower legs. Brown helped them blacked out in their natural environment. The bands merge with the surrounding nature savanna making them invisible during movement. Predator catch the zebra is very difficult, because while running herd silhouettes turn into a silvery haze that seemed to dissolve skyline.

  • Feeding time at the zoo