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Dove - a small bird weighing from 250 to 600 grams, with a small head, very short neck, slightly elongated beak and short chetyrёhpalymi paws. Lifespan in nature 6-10 years in captivity to 20 years. Pigeons were trained by man 10,000 ago, and today there are 800 species of birds found in different parts of the world.

  • Feeding

    Wheat, corn, millet, peeled rice, peas, lentils. Perhaps a bit of greenery, bread and plant seeds.

  • Habitat

    Pigeons live in flocks in the towns and villages in the vicinity of people.

  • Interesting fact

    The pigeons have a unique visual apparatus which is not afraid of bright sunlight and even welding lightning. The special connective tissue is able to change its thickness making the membrane of the eye as a very dense and almost transparent. And the eye can perceive 75 frames per second as opposed to the person (24 frames).