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White lion

Description: This is unique  kind lion previously considered mythological creature, because as you know the white color have only those animals that live in cold regions. But the white lions are the real indigenous Africans with white hair and blue eyes, not albinos.

Food: Adult lion should eat per day to 7 kg of meat, enough female and 5 kg.

Habitat: White lions are found in the south-east of the African continent.

Interesting fact: White lion cub might be born even in a cream-colored females. However, it will be difficult to survive among their "own". For difference from other lions relatives can just destroy it. In nature, the white color masking bad and excellent bait for enemies (hyenas). In captivity, they can live for about 20 years. The white lion is not a separate subspecies. His dissimilarity to the other due to a genetic disease (leucism). The recessive gene actually causes the occurrence of such an unusual color. In total 300 individuals of white lions living on the earth today. Each and every one listed as endangered. This figure is quite an achievement, since a few hundred years ago, there were only three. In the wild, they almost never occur. Dilute them specially in zoos.

Nickname: Belushi