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White-fronted goose

Description: White-fronted goose looks like a gray goose. However, he has brown color feathers and a white spot at the base of the beak. In young animals white spot appears in the age of 2 years. The average life expectancy in the wild 20 years in captivity to 25.

Food: White-fronted goose eats herbaceous vegetation, berries and seaweed.

Habitat: In winter, the geese nest in southern Europe in the Mediterranean and Black Seas. Also, as the site for the winter they can choose the southern regions of China, India, Korea and Japan. In summer moving to the forest tundra of North America, Eurasia and Greenland.

Interesting fact: During moulting (around July) flocks of White-fronted geese are starting to nest on grassy meadows near water (rivers, lakes). That's when many of them are victims of hunters. Lin's goose can fly and save themselves. White-fronted geese when the facts recorded in history lived to the age of 80 years (in captivity).