Pygmy goat

Capra hircus

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This little goat has a slightly curved and short horns, a short constantly wagging tail, dark color with white spots (quite colorful and interesting) and a weight up to 50 kg. For a very good-natured and curious character, it became a favorite zooferm and zoos. Life expectancy on average 15-20 years.

  • Feeding

    Very unpretentious food, quite hardy and have good health. In comparison with conventional Cameroonian goat eats less food, three times, preferring usually grass (hay), leaves and shoots of young trees. Do not give up the goodies in the form of crushed boiled potato, Jerusalem artichoke or even oatmeal.

  • Habitat

    The historical birthplace -Liberiya, Sudan, Cairo. Congo. Currently prevalent worldwide. Easily transports both heat and extreme cold. It is strictly contraindicated in damp and very humid climate. In the wild, these goats live, usually in herds that helps them fight off predators.

  • Interesting fact

    According to legend in their homeland dwarf goat is the only animals that were hunted tigers. But while the predators do not eat their "victim" and drink her milk. After that, then released her on grazing until the next afternoon. And in the Moscow zoo quite harmoniously coexist in the same cage a tiger and a goat. This is such an incredible symbiosis.

  • Feeding time at the zoo