New in Safari - long-legged cats serval

Recently, a couple of long-legged cats came to our friendly Safari family. It is believed that of all kinds of predatory cats, they are best adapted to humans. However, due to the nature of the character, dating should start when the kitten-serval is not more than 3 months old.

Externally, the servals are somewhat reminiscent of cheetahs or leopards, mainly due to the characteristic spotted color. Nevertheless, the nearest relative of the serval is the lynx. It's a fragile animal from Africa, where it is also called a wild cat.

Nowadays, their number in their native habitat has significantly decreased, due to the fact that poachers kill them for the sake of a beautiful skin. Therefore, we would like to become one of those who will help preserve this species of animals on our planet. And we really hope that Safari will become a real home for them.