In our zoo Safari settled blue-yellow macaw

In our friendly family Safari, new tenants are here - this wonderful blue-winged pair of yellow-blue ara. As most birds of long-livers, parrots of ara live in pairs. Paras are created once and for life, and our blue-yellow macaws for the sake of creating a marriage union came immediately from two countries (Czech Republic and Slovakia). The newlyweds Křemylyk and Vahmurka are going to meet.

The natural habitat of these birds is in South America (Panama). They nest their nests in the crowns of palm trees or other trees with wide leaves. As a rule, each year they build a new nest for hatching offspring. This is due primarily to the climate, because as a result of the elements and frequent downpours they are naturally destroyed.

Our newcomers have a spacious avia, in which they should be comfortable and comfortable. Now it's hard to say if they will have babies, but this kind of macaw breeds well in zoos and eco-parks. In any case, they already have a family nest and therefore have prospect.

Come and meet! We are waiting for you!